About Us

Big Mouth Egg Rolls is a family-owned mobile food business that has served the Columbus area since 2017.

The menu is built around our core product – fresh, handmade Egg Rolls using a traditional family recipe, fully sourced from local ingredients.

Sang, the creator of the ‘Original Big Mouth’ egg roll, was born and raised in Vietnam where she met her husband Carl who was serving in the U.S. army. She is the “matriarch” of the business and emigrated to the U.S. in 1973. She left behind the trials of war and her family to start a new life in the U.S. She and Carl raised two daughters, Teresa & Linda, and often worked multiple jobs to support their family. Sang could always be found smiling as she shared her egg rolls with others. She made them for nearly every family gathering & work event. Over the past four decades, Sang perfected her egg roll recipe, which was in high (and growing) demand. She even developed partnerships with local suppliers for wrappers and ingredients to solidify her unique recipe. She truly loves sharing her egg rolls with others.

When you visit our food truck, please know that a portion of the profits are shared with Sang’s extended family in Vietnam. This helps to provide her siblings and many nieces and nephews, with better housing, education and other resources to improve their quality of life. Our logo is a tribute to Sang’s father who was a rickshaw driver in Saigon, whom she loved very much.

When we started in 2017, our family had no idea how much we would enjoy sharing these egg rolls with others. We have enjoyed getting to know our customers and look forward to serving you at our next mobile food event!